"Hurst International provides us with advanced labeling technology that is consistent and dependable. The performance of their Versaprint 'Print On Demand' has proven to be consistent and reliable at a 95% coverage average. Their professionalism and top service make them an excellent supplier."

Gerald Denni, Golden Valley Citrus, Strathmore, CA



Years of experience have yielded the most advanced and reliable labeling system in the industry.   Hurst integrates "Print on Demand" (POD) capability to the most efficient application technology in the market.

The New Versaprint System is designed to answer not only today's labeling needs, but tomorrow's as well. Be prepared to comply with the upcoming demands from your customers and new government regulations.


Hadran Labeling Solutions offers the newest generation of conventional (pre-printed) fruit labeling equipment design to address all your individual item labeling needs. 

From hand held applicators to tray labeling andIn-Line high speed application, Hadran Labeling systems provide the highest value in automatic and semi-automatic  labeling solutions.

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Hurst International, a world leader in produce labeling, has over 30 years of experience meeting every day challenges presented by the demanding needs of our customers.

All labels and tags manufactured by Hurst are in compliance with the appropriate regulatory agencies regarding food contact. Each application is customized to the product being labeled by selecting the appropriate materials and adhesives in order to provide the highest performance and efficiency, even in the most challenging surfaces.