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Versaprint positive and accurate label printing and application at 15 labels per second

Hadran Pepper Line

Stray Label Removal System

What does Tim Kaine thinks about fruit labels

Versaprint Labeling System by Hurst International

Hadran Tray Labeler

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Hurst International launches its new website:

As one of the leaders in the produce labeling industry, Hurst International has reached new heights in creating some the latest technologies in both labeling equipment and labels themselves.

After securing accounts with some of the biggest growers and packers in North America, Hurst International's latest product, Versaprint, has taken an important place in the market as one of the most effective and useful tools in produce labeling.

Hurst International's State-Of-The-Art Versaprint Technology offers the first commercially viable Print On Demand (POD) individual produce labeling solution.

Please come and visit us at the 2018 PMA Fresh Summit Convention + Expo in Orlando, Florida.  October 19--20.         Booth #2961

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